Welcome on our website FineParts. We are Fine and Tara, mother and daughter and owners of FineParts the company. Fine controls te creative part and Tara the business part.

Last year we built this website to show what great products FineParts sells. Below are a few examples of our designs. We call them our standard designs. But to be honest, these are pretty special too. Every design has a maximum of 30 prints. They are delivered in a wooden frame, with of without a passe-partout. If the designs on the website (under the tab collection) are not quite what you are looking for please let us know. Our work at the moment mainly consists custom artwork. Examples of the custom artwork can be found on our instagram page: @fine_parts. Fill in the contact form or send an email to: fmprast@me.com and we hope to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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FineParts 31 aug. 2020 bladeren 2.jpg
1 augustus 2020 Godin Brazilie.jpg